Rotherham on Board

Do you live or work in Rotherham or the surrounding area, and want to make a difference in your local community?

Are you passionate about improving outcomes in schools to provide the best possible future for all of our children and young people? By serving as a member of a school or academy trust governing board, you have the opportunity to do all of this and more!

School governors play an important role in ensuring that our schools are led effectively. Governing boards have varied and important roles, though the main role of the governing board is strategic rather than operational.  School governors don’t get involved in the day-to-day running of the school, though they do have a role to both support and constructively challenge school leaders to drive school improvement.

Rotherham has a variety of schools and academies that are looking to recruit school governors with a diverse range of skills, experiences & backgrounds – this can be from your life experiences to professional ones but the most important facets are your time, passion and energy!

Why volunteer as a school governor?

Being a School Governor is a voluntary role which provides you with the opportunity to use your existing skills and experience or develop new ones, whilst giving back to the local community.

As a School Governor you will also build on or develop a diverse range of qualities, expertise, skills, and experiences that could really benefit a school and its governing board, such as:

·       Strategic planning, financial planning, team working, interviewing skills, or even chairing board or committee meetings.

·       Building relationships and networks in your community.

·       Supporting the life chances of children and young people in your community.

What’s the time commitment?

Governing boards meet regularly throughout the year; often between 3-6 times, and many governing boards have one or more committees, with each committee usually meeting about 3 times per year. Most of these meetings occur in the early evening, though some governing boards meet during the daytime.

In addition, school governors are encouraged to visit the school during the day, usually up to 3 times a year, to see the school in action and to speak to teachers and pupils, alongside preparing for meetings and accessing relevant training and development opportunities.

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