Support local school governance and develop your staff

School governance is a win-win opportunity for employers. There are huge benefits to your organisation, your employees and the community. Your staff will gain professional skills and experience that will help them at work and in their career. Your organisation will benefit from free workforce development such as staff developing their professional skills in strategic planning, teamwork, influencing, communication, financial management, and much more.

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Inspiring Governance provides free, expert support for volunteers and governing boards, as well as for employers wanting to run programmes for their staff serving as governors.

Through Inspiring Governance your staff can;

  • Connect with local schools and colleges via our easy-to-use website;
  • Use the Inspiring Governance mapping tool to view available vacancies near them and express an interest;
  • Once appointed, receive free expert support and training from the National Governance Association (NGA).

‘Inspiring Governance provides us with the matching and brokering service that we need to match volunteers to vacancies, as well as delivering us excellent relationship management – IG have always taken the time to understand our social mobility programme drivers’.

Sheffield Hallam University

Benefits to your organisation

Volunteering as a school governor or trustee is great for your staff and business.

  • Develop your employees’ professional board-level skills such as strategic planning, chairing, financial planning and teamwork, all of which can benefit their own career development and your organisation;
  • Raise your profile in your local community and make a positive difference in it;
  • Help to increase your employees’ productivity, engagement and sense of achievement by giving them experience in other functional areas;
  • Invest in children and young people today and help to create a more highly skilled workforce for the future;
  • Once appointed, your employees will receive free expert support and training to help them become effective in their role which will benefit them in their career and skills development.

Supporting school governance is also a great addition to your Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Nine in ten consumers expect companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues, according to a 2015 study by Cone Communications. Employers who enable their employees to become governors are demonstrating a commitment to their communities and to developing the UK’s future workforce. They are making a huge difference to the lives of young people.

Here are a few resources that make the case for employee volunteering:

Inspiring Governance can provide bespoke support and resources, including posters for your staffroom, and guest speakers. To help get you started, take a look at our resources for employers. Why not start now? You could:

Benefits to your employees

Our volunteers tell us that the benefits of being a governor are immense. These benefits include:

  • Developing professional skills and experience such as strategic planning, chairing, financial planning, and team working, all of which are valued by employers and can assist your own career development;
  • Building relationships and networks in the locality and;
  • Supporting children and young people in the community.
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Anyone over the age of 18 can be a governor and you don’t need to be a parent. Find out more about the role.

Questions? Please contact us at enquiries@inspiringgovernance.org or phone 020 7566 4880. Or contact one of our regional managers to find out how we can support you:

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Michael Roy, East and South East of England, michael.roy@educationandemployers.org
Richard Ellam, Midlands, richard.ellam@educationandemployers.org
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