Meet Jeffrey Darko: project manager and volunteer school governor

Have you ever thought about volunteering as a school governor?

Many younger people tell us that they don’t feel they have the skills or experience to do the role – but this is absolutely not the case!

We spoke to Jeffrey Darko about his experience in the role, the benefits he has already experienced and why other young people should consider getting involved.

I am 26, have been a resident of Southwark all my life and I am a Project Manager at the Government Actuary’s Department.

I have been a governor for 6 months now – at Spa School Bermondsey, and hopefully St Francis R.C School Camberwell soon (two schools in my local borough)

What benefits have you gained from volunteering as a school governor?

I have definitely gained problem-solving & budgeting skills. Being a governor has allowed me to understand how to maximise providing the needs of the schoolchildren whilst operating on a budget, to ensure all needs and requirements are met. It has also improved my communication, as I have a voice. Tied in with this, it has helped with leadership skills.

Why is it important for young people to get involved?

Young people are important on Governing Boards due to the fresh new ideas & perspectives provided. I’m not too far removed from education, and I can remember what I felt I needed from my school. Being able to provide that for the children who may not yet understand how important things are is my goal. I think it’s also important to be an active member of your community. Being able to make improvements to the schools in the local community can directly impact the children, ensuring that the community is in good hands. When I was younger, it would make me happy that someone I could relate to was looking out for me, trying to ensure that I got the best education possible. Now it’s time for us to give back to the next generation.

Huge thanks to Jeffrey for sharing his story with us!

Young people bring so much to the governing board, and there are so many benefits to getting involved. If you’d like to find out more, sign up today and view vacancies in your local area.

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