Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a School Governor

You’ve decided that you want to be a school governor or trustee, but what does the recruitment process entail?

Here is our helpful step-by-step guide to the process of becoming a school governor or trustee.

Step One: Signing Up

You’ve already taken the most important first step by signing up to Inspiring Governance.  To stand the best chance of being selected, please make sure that your profile is complete.  Your profile can then be seen by local schools and colleges who are looking for new recruits.  The more information you provide, the more likely you are to catch the eye of someone looking for new governors.

Step Two: Contact with the school

If your profile fits the bill of what a recruiter is looking for, they will contact you through the website and you will receive an email.  You can accept or decline the invitation or ask for more information.  Accepting the invitation just means that you are interested in finding out more about the role.

Alternatively, you can be proactive and view governor vacancies near you, then express an interest in those about which you want to know more.

Step Three: Recruitment

Think of becoming a governor like finding a new job – it will take some time.

To begin with, it is likely you will be invited to have an informal conversation, either on the phone or in person.  The exact recruitment process varies from school to school.  There may be a formal interview and it is recommended that you visit the school to see it in action.  Remember the governor role needs to be the right fit for both you and the school.

Step Four: Board ratification

Once you are recommended for appointment, your application will need to be ratified by the governing board or other body (depending on the type of governor role).  This is usually a formality.  If you decide to accept the governor or trustee position, you will be required to undertake an Enhanced DBS check. The school or trust will normally organise this for you.  Then it’s time to attend your first governing body meeting!

Want to get the ball rolling?  Why not sign in today and express an interest for a position in your area?