Diocese of Sheffield

There are folks sat in our churches with skills. There are schools that need those skills. Any chance we could hook you lot up?

The Diocese of Sheffield actively encourages folks within the Diocese to consider becoming a school governor.

As part of our commitment to our 39 church schools, and also as part of our commitment to all schools in the Diocese, we provide support and training for recruitment to governance, and for those in role.

Becoming a school governor can offer a rewarding experience of serving the local community and we are keen to match the skills of prospective governors to the needs of schools.

Becoming a governor can also enhance your own training and professional development and

Anyone can become a governor. School governing boards need people from different backgrounds with a wide range of professional skills to drive school improvements across our Diocese.

As a Diocese we are in a unique place to promote governance across a wide region.

We’ll be the ones aware of the gaps, of where the need is, and of those prepared to serve in schools.

This can mean someone with a skill set who is prepared to travel to a school or district that is struggling to recruit someone with that skills set.

To see some of the work that Inspiring Governance does –  check out this video

We’re also keen to work with our partners, Inspiring Governance, and local authorities, to help finding governors for all schools – not just our Church Schools.

We’re particularly keen to encourage members of our churches to consider this role, share this message and challenge one another to ask if this could be your calling.

You can find out more about the Diocese’s work in Education, and a map showing where our schools are here:


For further information contact Huw Thomas at the Diocese of Sheffield on 01709 309100

Our Inspiring Governance Regional Manager, Richard is on hand to offer advice and guidance, during your journey to becoming a school governor: richard.ellam@educationandemployers.org / 07715 204746