Guidance published on the role of members in academy trusts

The National Governance Association (NGA) has published new guidance designed to clarify the differences between members of single and multi-academy trusts and the role of trustees.

This distinction has been ‘widely misunderstood for a number of years’, according to Sam Henson, head of information at the NGA.

The guide, which can be accessed here, outlines:

  • who members are and how many a trust needs
  • how members are appointed and what skills they need
  • where members fit into the wider governance structure and what they should do
  • how often members should meet, including details of the annual general meeting, and how decisions are made in these meetings
  • how members carry out specific tasks, such as changing the articles of association or removing trustees
  • what responsibilities members have if the trust becomes insolvent.

The NGA has also included a ‘myth busting’ and a ‘model members’ description as part of the guidance.

”I hope that this guidance enables single and multi-academy trusts to understand the role and utilise it in an effective way’’ added Sam Henson.

Judging from the guide – it should do just that! You can access the guide here.