CIPD encourages HR professionals to go back to school

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has called on its members to volunteer their expertise as school governors. An article in People Management, their in-house magazine, describes how HR professionals who take on school governance roles are addressing the serious shortage of school governors, and helping schools.

HR professionals are important to schools as they have skills that are vital to help schools address key areas of concern. Salaries are a major component of school budgets, and having an HR professional on the governing board who can help a school recruit cost-effectively and offer advice on staff retention can help ensure the school thrives.

The article highlights how becoming a governor is not just a great way to make a difference to your local community.  It’s also a two-way street.  People who serve as school governors learn and develop new skills which benefit their own careers.  And employers who encourage staff to become governors reap the rewards of a more highly skilled, more motivated workforce, at no cost to them.

CIPD joins the Institute of Directors, read about it here, in recognising how supporting school governance brings tangible benefits for its members.

Read the full article here.