Calling all Engineers – Take a Closer Look at School Governance

As part of the government’s broader Take a Closer Look Campaign to encourage more young people to consider engineering, Inspiring Governance are actively seeking engineers to become school governors and trustees. We want engineers, who love what they do, to join school governing boards and make a real impact on the lives of young people.

Engineers bring some great skills to the (governing board) table, not least their backgrounds in project management, problem solving and seeking improvement; the latter via their unique blend of curiosity twinned with analytical rigour! In addition to the strategic role of governor, engineers can also work with the senior leadership team to develop an engineering strategy and work with career leads to help give young people first-hand experiences of engineering.

Thank you to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the Royal Aeronautical Society and Nautilus who are all promoting school governance to their members. If you are in the engineering field and want to either sign up as a volunteer or promote school governance to your members or employees please visit