Devolved nations and independent schools

Inspiring Governance’s remit covers governing bodies in state-funded schools in England. If you are interested in support for governing bodies in independent schools and schools in the rest of the UK, please see the contact details below.

Independent schools

The Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS) supports and advises governing bodies of schools in the independent sector on all aspects of governance, under the umbrella of the Independent Schools Council. Please visit to find out more.


Scottish schools don’t have governing bodies and schools are held directly accountable to the local council. If you live in Scotland we suggest you contact your local council to find out about opportunities in your area.


Welsh schools have governing bodies and the association that oversees them is Governors Wales, which is funded by the Welsh Assembly. Local associations of governors exist in most education areas in Wales and Governors Wales provides them with help and guidance. Therefore a good place to start is

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland different types of schools are governed in different ways.  A good place to start is the Governing Bodies Association which represents the 50 voluntary grammar schools across Northern Ireland. These schools are post-primary and wholly and independently managed by a board of governors.

There are also schools under the remit of the local education authorities and religious schools overseen by the diocese.  Each of these have governing bodies, as they do in England, but there is not an overarching association that represents them.