Wiltshire on Board

Do you live in Wiltshire or the surrounding area, and would like to give something back to the local community? Are you passionate about improving outcomes in schools to provide the best possible future for all of our young people? By serving as a School Governor or Trustee and gaining vital board level experience, you have the opportunity to do all of this and more!

Wiltshire Council is challenging employers and employees to volunteer and give something back at a time when schools need you most.

Why volunteer as a School Governor or Trustee?

As a governor you can make a positive impact on a school and the lives of its pupils, by committing some of your time and energy. Working as part of a governing board, you will help shape the strategic direction of a school.  You will oversee the school’s performance, its budget and together act as guardians of its vision and values.  You will also provide challenge and support to the headteacher to achieve high educational standards throughout the school.

What you will gain?

Both personal and professional development with opportunities to:

  • develop your professional skills and experience such as strategic planning, chairing, team working and financial planning, all of which are valued by employers and can support career development
  • build relationships and networks in your locality
  • access to a range of high-quality training
  • support children and young people in your community

Time Commitment

Typically, governing boards meet six times a year and expect board members to undertake additional monitoring visits to see the school in action and speak to teachers and pupils, alongside preparing for meetings. The time commitment is in the region of eight hours a month depending on the school and additional responsibilities you take on and training you access. You will need to attend meetings, typically outside of ‘office’ hours, and do the necessary preparatory reading.

Work in Wiltshire Council?

Council employees are perfectly suited to the role of school governors and possess a diverse range of qualities, expertise, skills and experiences that could really benefit a school and its governing board:

  • Being collaborative and working as a team
  • Awareness of the value of public service in the community
  • Understanding the importance of safeguarding
  • Adapting to change and attention to detail
  • Experience of working in a highly regulated sector
  • Ability to prioritise and organise time efficiently

Council employee Rebecca Lockwood Norris, volunteers as Chair of Governors at Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge, and says:

‘If school governance is something you are considering please know you will be valued and appreciated and, as well as learning new skills in leadership and management, finance and HR, you will make a difference. I have also found that, just as my professional experience aided me in my governance journey, being a governor has enabled me to progress in my career – strategic thinking, continuous improvement and being accountable in decisions that impact on school finances, gave me a head start in securing a senior role with my employer.’

Wiltshire Council has a policy to assist employees who are school governors to perform these duties and allows three full days / six half days paid leave per year. Further reasonable time off requests to perform these duties can be considered by your manager on an unpaid leave basis.

Not a Wiltshire Council employee? Many other employers provide volunteering days to their staff or are happy to give time off to carry out their governor duties – speak to your manager to find out more.

When you sign up you can access the portal to view vacancies at schools that are local to where you live or work and, once appointed as a governor, you will be able to access training and support from Wiltshire School Governance Service.

Using your skills for good as well as benefiting from the feel-good factor of supporting the development of the next generation, all for just a few hours a month. What’s not to like? Sign up today to get started!

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