Wakefield On Board

Bring Your Difference to Make A Difference – #WakefieldonBoard!

Wakefield Local Authority has a variety of different schools from across all educational settings & are interested in recruiting School Governors with a diverse range of skills, experiences & backgrounds – this can be from your life experiences to professional ones but the most important skills are your time, passion and energy!

School Governor Services strive to build skills and confidence of motivated volunteers to effectively support and appropriately challenge school leaders and to oversee the long-term development of their school, maintaining a focus on the achievement of all children and young people at the heart of everything they do.

Why Become A Governor?

Becoming a School Governor is a fantastic opportunity to develop or utilise your own personal & strategic professional skills while giving back to the community. You will develop or maintain personal skills in strategic leadership & management, meaning it’s a perfect role for those embarking on a career or those retiring but still wanting to make use of their skills.

As a Governor you will build on or develop a diverse range of qualities, expertise, skills and experiences that could really benefit a school and its governing board, such as:

·       Being collaborative and working as a team

·       Awareness of the value of public service in the community

·       Understanding the importance of safeguarding and cyber security

·       Understanding of human resources

·       Awareness of ethical leadership and management, including sustainability

·       Adapting to change and attention to detail

·       Managing strategic financial decisions, resources and budgets

·       Ability to prioritize and organise time efficiently

If you are passionate about improving outcomes for children, young people & our communities, both now and in the future, sign up to #WakefieldonBoard and bring your difference to make a difference.

Time Commitment

Typically, governing boards meet once every half term and expect board members to undertake monitoring visits to see the school in action and speak to teachers and pupils, alongside preparing for meetings, training and governor development. The time commitment is in the region of 5 hours a month depending on the school and additional responsibilities you take on. You will need to attend meetings, typically outside of office hours, and do the necessary preparatory reading.