Volunteers’ Week 2020 – your pathway to improved well-being!

Volunteers’ Week 2020 is a great opportunity for us to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have volunteered to become a school governor through the Inspiring Governance recruitment service. We continue to get fantastic feedback from schools about our Inspiring Governance volunteers’ skills, experience and contributions to their governing boards. In current times this is something to celebrate! Thank-you!

We also get great feedback from our volunteers about how volunteering as a school governor has enriched both their personal and professional lives. Our charity’s own research goes further and highlights the well-being benefits of volunteering in schools – with 4 out of 5 people reporting benefits of volunteering for their motivation both at work and in their life outside of work. Read the research here.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an upsurge in people’s goodwill to make a difference and volunteer in their local communities at a crucial time for the country.  It’s also true that schools need governors now more than ever before, helping them to make sound decisions in challenging times. If you feel you have a friend or colleague who could make a difference, we would love to have them join our Inspiring Governance volunteer pool.. To view our new volunteering video click here or to sign up at Inspiring Governance.