Volunteers’ Week 2020 – A Round Up

As another Volunteers’ Week draws to a close we would like to take another opportunity to extend our gratitude to all those that volunteer as School Governors and Trustees throughout the country. Your efforts help shape the future for young people and build the strategic direction of the heart and soul of our communities – local schools.

This week we have heard from Inspiring Governance staff who volunteer as School Governors and Trustees and had a chance to thank the many employers who have signed the #SchoolGovernorChampion charter. Volunteers’ Week 2020 has also been a fantastic opportunity to talk to some of the volunteers who have been placed by Inspiring Governance to hear their stories and motivations for volunteering.

And we wanted to share some of those stories with you.

”It is a great opportunity to be involved in the background and is a really rewarding role. I feel safe in the knowledge that the work we are doing has a tangible benefit to the children.”

Emily Hall


”I felt that becoming a member of a governing board would be a great way for me to give back to the local community and keep my interest in education alive and current, and I felt my time working directly with students and teachers would be very valuable.”

Joel Summers



”Working as a recruitment and transport manager means occasionally asking difficult questions and having a keen eye for detail and these skills are really important when volunteering as a School Governor. One of our roles is to act as a critical friend and my experience working in the corporate world means I can bring a business acumen that is useful for the school, especially when thinking about procurement.”

Mike Bones




”In my role as a governor, I am especially concerned about staff welfare and development. Having a background in education, I aware of the pressures that staff are under, so this is where I feel my experience can be best utilised”.

Charlotte Clarke




To all the volunteers that we heard from and to everyone involved in school governance more broadly, especially in these challenging times  Рthank you.