University of Bath

At the University of Bath we recognise the value that school governors bring to schools, families, and communities, and the benefit that the role can have for those who take it on, as well as for the University as an employer. We are keen to encourage and support staff members who would like to become school governors.

You don’t need any particular skills to become a school governor, but we know that the breadth of knowledge and abilities already possessed by University staff can be well-utilised by schools and their governing boards. Being a school governor also gives you the opportunity to develop new and existing skills, especially in areas such as strategic planning, finance, and stakeholder relations.

The University of Bath is working with Inspiring Governance to increase the number of our staff volunteering in school governor roles. Inspiring Governance can help to place you with an appropriate school as well as providing support and guidance.

At the University we have a network for staff who are school governors or are interested in learning more about being a school governor. The network provides a space to ask questions and share experiences with other staff members in school governor roles. Fill in this form to join the Teams group, or contact Nerys Shah, Outreach Manager at

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