We’re launching our five-year plan to Inspire the Future

With the new school year about to begin, our charity’s mission is clear. Education and Employers wants to ensure that every young person, wherever they live, whatever their parents or carers’ circumstances, has the opportunity to meet a diverse range of volunteers from the world of work to hear first-hand about the possibilities open to them.

We are committed to strengthening our work with schools and colleges, education partners, and employers – ensuring that together we deliver better school governance, better career discovery opportunities and broader, higher aspirations for all our children.

Now more than ever, it is essential that all children and young people have access to such opportunities -, broadening their horizons and raising aspirations. We are laser focused on making this happen.

Today we launch our new strategic plan that states our aims for the next five years, and how we intend to achieve them. You can read all about our ambitious plans here.

Our research shows that young people’s aspirations and how well they do at school are directly determined by what they see (or don’t see) around them. In the last 14 years we have facilitated over 3.5 million interactions between young people and a vast range of employers and a brilliant network of over 85,000 volunteers.

We are very proud of the work we have done since our launch in 2009 that has helped all our children dream about and discover their future careers – and are excited to continue making a difference through our new strategic plans.

Could you be a part of the story?

Whether you are employers, volunteers, schools, or funders, join us in our important mission…to Inspire the Future!