National Governance Association supporting schools by ensuring you have the ‘Right People Around The Table’.

This spring, the National Governance Association released their updated version of the popular recruiters’ guide the ‘Right People Around The Table’.

An invaluable document that supports schools through the key steps of the recruitment process, the ‘Right People Around The Table covers topics from evaluating your current board and where to find candidates, through to interviewing and inducting new volunteers.

This guide is packed full of practical advice for you to use to secure the volunteers you need and also highlights how the Inspiring Governance recruitment service can support you along the way. Updates from the previous edition include a greater focus on how to create a diverse board and new ideas on how to promote your governance vacancies, along with a practical look at interviewing volunteers and why it is important.

We would encourage all schools and MATs that are recruiting for new governors and trustees to take this opportunity for objective, evidence-based guidance on how to secure skilled volunteers for your governing boards.