Volunteer Blog – Richard Carreau-Floume

Richard Carreau-Floume is Vice President, Change Management, Technology at Bank of America and is a Local Advisory Board Member (Morningside Primary School).

Richard tells us the story of why he became a governor, what he hopes to achieve on the board, and how his work at Bank of America has helped him in his governor role.

Please give us an idea of the work you do at Bank of America 
”I am a project manager in Technology. I coordinate teams working on projects from gathering requirements, through to development and delivery.” 

What inspired you to become a school governor? 

”A good friend of mine was approached by her local school to become a school governor and her enthusiasm when she talked about it was inspiring!”

What impact do you hope to have on the governing board?  

”The board is primarily composed of education professionals (teachers, former headteachers etc) and parents. I am not falling into these categories and hope to bring a different prospective and show children who are largely under privileged in this area that there are a variety of jobs that they can do and may not have come across among their friends and family circles.”

How has your work at Bank of America helped you in your governor role?   

”Being analytical and methodical while reviewing documents is something I do on a daily basis at Bank of America and that has proven useful as a governor too.  
I am in charge more specifically of Health and safety – we have just implemented a very thorough procedure of over 100 pages and finance – as a project manager reconciling budget and spending is a large part of the job.” 

Would you recommend the governor role to your colleagues and friends at Bank of America? 

”I have already!”

Do you have any advice for Bank of America colleagues looking to become a governor? 

”Be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone, but the reward you will get from being a governor could be much higher than the time you invested. It is certainly my case.”

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