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Aspire 2 Inspire is a project led by nine civil servants with the same vision: to inspire individuals to become school governors. We have found that schools in the North West are in need of more governors –  and we believe that YOU have what it takes to become a school governor.

Working with Inspiring Governance, the national governor recruitment service supported by the Department for Education, we believe that whatever your background, whatever your skill set, it can be applied to school governance. Why not sign up today?

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What does a school governor do? 

The governing board plays a critical role in a school’s success and the success of its students. Applicants for School Governor posts will need to have, or be willing to learn, the abilities to undertake the post effectively.

The governing board has a strategic role with three key functions, however, it is possible a School Governor may contribute to other aspects of running the school.

  • Help the school develop and communicate it’s strategy
  • Hold the head teacher to account for the school’s performance
  • Ensure the school’s budget is properly managed

As a School Governor, you will be expected to attend meetings, participate in committees that support the governing board and do the necessary preparatory reading. The time commitment is normally about 5-8 hours a month, depending on the type of school and any additional responsibilities you want to take on. All appointments are subject to an enhanced criminal record check, which will be carried out by the school or trust before you take up your role.

Who can become a school governor?

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a school governor and there is no requirement to be a parent. School governing boards need people from different backgrounds with a wide range of professional and personal skills to drive school improvement. There are no particular qualifications required and anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor or trustee provided they have a willingness to learn, have time to give to the role and a capacity to work with people. Other skills required may include:

  • Respect
  • Objectivity
  • Commitment
  • Judgement
  • Communication
  • Learning and Discretion
  • Confidentiality

Why become a school governor? 

  • Develop your professional skills and experience such as strategic planning, chairing, financial planning, and team working, all of which are valued by employers and can assist your own career development.
  • Use existing skills to contribute to your local community.
  • Create a lasting impact on the lives of children and young people and help inspire them to think about their futures.
  • Meet a wide range of people doing different things, particularly for those children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have few successful role models, either at home or in their local communities.

Develop your skills and strengthen existing ones, make a difference to children, and enhance your own career! Whether you want to progress and haven’t had the chance to show your true skills, or want to give back to your community, there’s something in it for you.

If you are interested and require further information about becoming a governor please contact:



Alternatively, you can contact the Inspiring Governance team on or 020 7566 4880

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