Naomi Gregory: member of the Civil Service Race Forum and volunteer school governor

Naomi Gregory, SENIOR POLICY LEAD for child sexual abuse and child exploitation at the Department for Education and member of the Civil Service Race Forum, volunteers as a school governor at Lea Hall Academy in Birmingham. We asked Naomi why she initially decided to become a governor, the benefits the role has brought both professionally and personally and the reasons why she recommends the role to others in the civil service.

Naomi Gregory

What made you initially decide to volunteer as a school governor?

Before joining the civil service, I previously worked as social worker and regularly visited schools as part of the role. The welfare of children is my passion and I wanted to continue to provide a service that would benefit children.

What skills do you bring to the role of governor from your position in the civil service?

I am currently the senior policy lead for child sexual abuse and child exploitation in the Department for Education. I bring knowledge of guidance and policy on keeping children safe from harm and the importance of information sharing and working together.

What skills do you bring back from your governance role to your position in the civil service?

The skills I have gained as a governor really help me to get an understanding of the issues that schools are facing on the frontline, and I’ve been able to use this information to feed into policy decisions in other areas relating to schools.

What are the personal benefits of volunteering as a school governor?

I feel a real sense of achievement in volunteering as a school governor. I have met some wonderful people from all walks of life, and I have successfully applied for a promotion using the skills I have gained from governing.

Would you like to get involved and help young people get the best start in life?

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