Mike Bones

Meet Mike Bones.

Mike works as a recruitment and transport manager for North-East based firm Velocity and has been a School Governor at Columbia Grange School in Washington.

And Mike’s business experience has served him well during his time at Columbia Grange.

‘’Working as a recruitment and transport manager means occasionally asking difficult questions and having a keen eye for detail and these skills are really important when volunteering as a School Governor. One of our roles is to act as a critical friend and my experience working in the corporate world means I can bring a business acumen that is useful for the school, especially when thinking about procurement.’’

For Mike – one of the most important things is to be present.

‘’I’m keen to attend as many events at the school as I can, to meet the parents, and to meet the staff. This is an opportunity to have an open dialogue and to talk to parents about their thoughts and their concerns. As governors, this feedback is really important and helps us make some decisions.’’

Mike also feels it is important to give something back and has previously gone into schools to talk to young people through Inspiring the Future.

‘’I left school with no qualifications and joined the army. From here I have worked my way to management level through hard work and determination. So I want to give something back and tell young people, especially those that are not sure about the future, that there is no ‘right’ route. Don’t give up, you will find your path’’

And Mike would recommend volunteering as a School Governor or Trustee.

‘’It is a commitment but if you are prepared to put the time in, then it can be a really rewarding experience.’’

Would you like follow in Mike’s footsteps and give something back to the local community by volunteering as a School Governor? Then why not sign-up www.inspiringgovernance.org/volunteers and look for a vacancy in your area