Julie Moyle

Meet Julie Moyle.

Julie is a data quality manager for HMRC and a School Governor at Redesdale Primary School in North Tyneside

‘’The reason I became a School Governor is two-fold. I have always volunteered with young people in various roles – often with children in care, who don’t get a chance to meet many adults outside of a professional environment.

But being a governor is a chance to have an effect from the background and think strategically about how we can give young people the best start in life. Equally, it’s an opportunity to get involved early to help push children in the right direction.’’

Julie enjoys meeting people from the local community

‘’I also really enjoy the role because it’s a great opportunity to meet people from within the community. For example the local vicar sits on the board and being of no faith, I would likely have never met her. So there’s an opportunity to expand your network with people with a very different perspective’’

Julie is also able to transfer the skills she has gained working for HMRC

I am able to transfer my HMRC skills to the school governing board. I’m a data quality manager and there is a lot of data in education, so I can use the skills I have built in my job in my role as a governor – which is very rewarding. My role is strategic so I can also bring my skills in planning for the future – which is definitely important in education.

And Julie would recommend the role to a friend or relative!

It is a commitment but genuinely rewarding. So if you’re interested in getting involved in the community and helping to shape the strategic direction of a school then I would definitely recommend getting involved!