Volunteer Blog – Horatio Georgestone

Meet Horatio Georgestone.

Horatio runs the social enterprise YDWC – professional network designed by, run by, and dedicated to young professionals from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. He is also an adviser to Aston University in their languages and social science departments and works as a senior policy adviser in the treasury.

Horatio has been a governor at Kingsford community school, in Beckton, East London for around 4 years. Here he explains what inspired him to become a governor at Kingsford and what motivates him in the role moving forward.

‘I have a strong relationship with Kingsford, as this is my former school and therefore I feel I understand the pupils and am connected to the concerns that they have. I am particularly focused on pushing inclusion within the board and the school, more widely and am a strong advocate for those with learning difficulties. As someone with dyslexia, I feel I offer a unique insight into neurodiversity, so I use my position and voice on the board to push an agenda of inclusion throughout Kingsford’.

‘Inclusion is how we make people feel welcome’

‘Many pupils within a school may feel they do not have a voice or feel that aren’t able to articulate their needs, so I feel my role is to channel their best interests, and think about the different requirements that the pupils at Kingsford need. As a person who grew up in the local community, I have a deep understanding of the social, economic and academic challenges faced by many of the pupils, and I feel I am able to use that experience and insight on the governing board’.

‘A path for the future’

My three key objectives as a governor are, firstly, to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of the students; with particular interest in their mental as well as physical health. Secondly, to help ensure that attainment levels are where they need to be, so we know all the pupils are progressing and no one is being left behind. Finally, I feel my role is to help students prepare for life after school; helping them to become citizens that are ready to impact the world around them. So they are thinking positively about their next steps in life.

‘A sense of care for the community’ 

I found the recruitment experience at Kingsford very positive. It was great to see that the school was more concerned about my motivations for becoming a governor, rather than the level of experience I had at the time. They wanted to be assured that I really had a sense of care for the community, which was really positive. Qualifications and experience can be gained through time but a level of interest in the issues affecting the school is ingrained in a person.

And Horatio has gained a lot from his experience as a school governor.

I feel I have been able to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the school at which I was educated. I have also been able to meet and work alongside other incredible governors from all different backgrounds, who have come together to do something meaningful and make a tangible contribution to the lives of the pupils of Kingsford. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who cares about making a difference to the lives of young people- volunteer as a school governor.

Would you like to follow in Horatio’s footsteps and make a positive difference to the lives of young people? Why not sign-up to become a school governor at www.inspiringgovernance.org/volunteers and search for a governor vacancy in your area.