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Is there a cost to use Inspiring Governance?

No, the service is free to use. We encourage employers to download and use the free resources for employers, and our staff are available on email or the telephone to offer advice.

If you are a large or multi-site company and would like support to develop an employee governance volunteering scheme, our regional officers will be able to help. Most of what we offer is free, but depending on what your requirements are, there may be a small charge for this service.

What are the benefits?

By supporting and encouraging your staff to become governors, you will benefit from free workforce development. Your staff will gain professional skills and experience that will help them at work and in their career. Your organisation could benefit from a more skilled, effective and productive workforce whilst making a difference to the community and lives of young people.

  • Develop your employees’ professional board-level skills such as strategic planning, chairing, financial planning and teamwork, all of which can benefit their own career development and your organisation;
  • Raise your profile in your local community and make a positive difference in it;
  • Help to increase your employees’ productivity, engagement and sense of achievement by giving them experience in other functional areas;
  • Invest in children and young people today and help to create a more highly skilled workforce for the future;
  • Once appointed, your employees will receive free expert support and training to help them become effective in their role which will benefit them in their career and skills development.

How can we get involved?

Whether you want to develop an employee governor volunteering scheme or put up a poster in your staffroom, we can help. Take a look at our resources for employers, visit our employers page, or contact your regional manager below for more information.

Eileen Brocklehurst, South West, eileen.brocklehurst@educationandemployers.org
Michael Roy, East and South East of England, michael.roy@educationandemployers.org
Richard Ellam, Midlands, richard.ellam@educationandemployers.org
Lynn King, North-East , lynn.king@educationandemployers.org
Helen Knowles, North-West, helen.knowles@educationandemployers.org

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Can all employees take part?

Yes. Anyone age 18 and above can serve as a governor. Governing boards benefit from having a wide range of perspectives and experiences, therefore schools are looking for governors of all ages and skill sets. Governance provides especially good professional development for staff at middle manager level, but those who are more junior and more senior also have valuable experiences to contribute.

Will staff need time off?

Governing board meetings typically take place in the late afternoon or early evening, so staff will need minimal time off. There also may be other events or meetings during the school day which governors are asked to attend. It is up to employers whether to give paid time off for these activities, but do keep in mind that they often provide excellent professional development opportunities and can be incorporated into staff training and development.

Are there any health and safety implications?

As you would expect, schools are very safety focused and will be fully compliant with health and safety regulations. As they are volunteering in an organisation with children, governors will need to have an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. These are usually undertaken by the school as part of the induction process.

Are there other ways we can support schools?

Yes. Our umbrella scheme Inspiring the Future has a range of volunteer opportunities in schools that require a time commitment of as little as an hour a year. It’s a great way to find out if volunteering in schools is right for your organisation.

Find out more about Inspiring the Future.