Civil Aviation Authority

CAA STEM is delighted to be supporting Inspiring Governance to connect our skilled employees with the opportunity to serve as school governors within schools in England.

Our ambition is to inspire and engage with young people to encourage a possible career in STEM, aviation and aerospace.  We are committed to supporting the ambitions and interests of everyone to create opportunities which are inclusive and engaging for all.

Opportunities to support initiatives like Inspiring Governance helps the CAA STEM programme work towards:

  • Positively supporting efforts to increase diversity within the aviation and aerospace sector
  • Understanding ambitions and interests of all currently underrepresented groups to create opportunities which are inclusive and engaging for all
  • Challenge misconceptions and stereotypes about careers in STEM, Aviation and Aerospace
  • Where possible, influence and inspire young people to see that they can become part of this industry

The CAA is passionate that our colleagues Never Stop Learning, so becoming a school governor ensures you do just that, by developing your professional skills while helping schools. By bringing your expertise, time and passion to the board table you get to help schools provide the best education experience for children and young people in their local communities.

Volunteering as a school governor is a great opportunity to gain experience of operating at board level. It will test all your skills of judgement so that you make the best decisions in the interests of children. Anybody over 18 can be a governor and you don’t have to be a parent. In fact, 250,000 people are already governors, yet there remain national shortages and schools throughout England who would welcome the skills that you could bring, for example;

  • Ability to challenge, ask questions, and seek solutions
  • Strategic leadership, budget and project management
  • An analytical approach, problem solving and communications expertise
  • Being collaborative and working as a team to achieve a common goal

The benefits are not only professional: becoming part of a governing board provides an opportunity to make schools and colleges better for everyone, to support your local community, and to play a part in making a positive impact for children and young people – essential now more than ever.

Interested in finding out more about how you can make a difference?

Make a real difference to children and young people in your area and put your professional skills and experiences to use for future generations by becoming a school governor.

Simply register via the sign up link at the top of this page, complete a brief profile and search for opportunities near you. Your profile can also be seen by local schools and colleges so if it catches their eye they’ll contact you directly.