Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Inspiring Governance is delighted to announce its partnership with Cambridge Assessment.

Cambridge Assessment is the first exam group in the country to sign the School Governor Champion Charter and pledge its support to champion the role of school governor and support staff members to become governors in local schools.

Cambridge Assessment is a leading expert in international education and assessment, and a department of the University of Cambridge. It uses its joint knowledge and expertise to help people to learn, achieve and prove their true potential to the world. As a not for profit, it is driven by its commitment to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research to the highest international levels of excellence. Cambridge Assessment already works with a number of partners to ensure access to high levels of education for as many learners around the world as possible.

Jill Duffy, Chief Executive of OCR said: “By partnering with Inspiring Governance we can further our mission to help learners unlock their potential. We believe in the importance of the School Governor role in developing and maintaining resilient schools in our local communities and, as an organisation, we want to support staff and colleagues to grow and excel by becoming governors themselves.”

Anyone can become a governor, schools need a wide range of professional skills from different backgrounds to make a difference in their school and drive improvement.

The partnership means getting involved is really easy, we will help you find a school governor role that develops, inspires and challenges you.

Our partnership means we can:

  • Connect you with local schools and colleges via our easy-to-use website.
  • Let you view opportunities near you and schools can see that you are interested.
  • Provide you with a free induction handbook produced by the National Governance Association (NGA), the leading independent charity that supports and promotes good governance in schools, once appointed.

Sign up here today with Inspiring Governance to have your skills matched with a local school that needs your help and make a change in your community.

If you have any queries about being a School Governor and the support provided by Cambridge Assessment, please contact Vicky Evans