Catholic Primary Partnership

The Catholic Primary Partnership (CPP) is delighted to announce its partnership with Inspiring Governance.

The CPP, serves over 90 schools across the Archdiocese of Birmingham, the Diocese of Salford and the Diocese of Leeds, delivering high quality continuous professional development and formation to leaders at all levels. The CPP has signed the School Governor Champion Charter, pledging its support to champion the role of school governor and support staff members to become governors in local schools.

The Catholic Primary Partnership was established in 1995, with a core purpose to promote curriculum and professional development to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in Catholic primary schools. The partnership recognises the importance of the fabulous work that committed governors do across their family of schools and is proud to offer support and training throughout the academic year. The partnership know that schools are better places because of governors willingness to volunteer their time, expertise and passion for the good of our Catholic communities.

The partnership, recognises that young people currently within our primary schools are future employees and that investing in their education now will have significant benefits for employers in the future. We also recognise that serving as a school governor has a positive impact on staff development and makes a visible contribution to the local community.

“The Catholic Primary Partnership are passionate about supporting and promoting outstanding governance, helping all stakeholders to become the person God has called them to be. We are delighted to be working alongside Inspiring Governance to support schools to recruit the very best.”

Julie-Anne Tallon, Director