Three reasons why volunteering as a school governor should be at the top of your 2023 resolution list

Make a resolution that’s easy to keep: give back.

The new year sees many of us resolving to make a change, whether joining a gym, reducing time on screens, spending more time with loved ones – all great goals. But how about a new year’s resolution that is guaranteed to make you feel good longer term?

Volunteering as a school governor offers the chance to do good and feel good. Read on for three reasons why you should consider signing up to help children and young people in your local community this year – and how you can find out more about getting involved…

1. Be a role model: inspire children by being visible in a senior role

Tanzila Samun, a school governor volunteer based in West Yorkshire, puts it perfectly: “As a child growing up, I remember that when a governor came into school, you knew it was somebody important, and so I think it is essential that children can see themselves reflected in positions of seniority and understand that they too can achieve and become anything they choose to. Being in the role, and being visible, can help to inspire the next generation.”

2. Help children in your area get the best educational experience

Volunteering as a governor provides so many opportunities to contribute to the success of a school and help the future of young people in your local area. Hannah Cummins, 25, governs at a primary school in North Tyneside and wanted to become a school governor to give back to her community and work with other people to improve her local area, give back to schools and provide young people with opportunities to improve their futures, all of which the role has allowed her to do!

3. Develop your professional skills and experience

Volunteer governors tell us that the board level experience they gain from the role can help to learn or sharpen skills that have a direct impact on their professional life.

Rupinder Sandhu, a school governor from the West Midlands, has experienced just that: “I have met incredible people from different sectors, I have been able to make an impact in the school, and being a South Asian woman, it has also helped improve my leadership skills within my current role which has been really beneficial.”

Interested in finding out more? Join a free webinar hosted by the charity Inspiring Governance on Wednesday 25th January, 12.00-13.00 to learn more about the role and hear from a panel of current school governors sharing their own experiences of volunteering in the role – sign up below to join us:

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