Future Chairs recruitment

Through the Inspiring Governance programme, the Future Chairs Recruitment Service helps boards with the vital task of recruiting a high calibre individual who has the potential to become a chair, vice-chair or committee chair within a year of joining a school governing board. The service will identify and recruit appropriately experienced individuals from within and beyond the education sector who are willing to be considered for vice-chair and chair positions.

Who are we looking for?

Inspiring Governance is keen to work with volunteers who are interested in becoming a school governor and who have the right blend of skills, experience and commitment to eventually become a vice-chair, chair of a committee or chair of governors.

This will include volunteers who have experience of leading a team, chairing meetings or have board level experience and who are interested in a chairing role.

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Benefits of taking up a leadership role on a school governing board

Gain valuable skills and experience to support career development:

  • Gain board level experience
  • Recruit and performance manage senior leaders
  • Design, develop and implement a strategic plan for the school
  • Hold senior leaders to account for the performance of the school

Support a school within the community

Improve the outcomes for children at the school

Have the opportunity to use skills, qualifications and experience in a voluntary role

Access training and development

Recruitment process

Volunteers who are interested in finding out more about becoming a chair of governors should contact us on enquiries@inspiringgovernance.org. The Inspiring Governance team at NGA will support both the volunteer and the school through the recruitment and induction process, including a telephone interview with the Inspiring Governance team at NGA.

Matched volunteers will then have a meeting at the school and a face to face interview with the recruiting board.  If the candidate is successful they will be appointed to the board, in accordance with the board’s procedures.

Training and support

Once the volunteer is appointed, they will be sent a copy of the NGA publication Welcome to Governance, or Welcome to a MAT, offered support and guidance for 12 months via a dedicated phone line and email address, given access to the NGA website and guidance centre and, if under 40, introduced to the Young Governor Network. Access to induction e-learning modules, via NGA’s Learning Link, will also be available for 12 months.

As a Future Chair, volunteers will also be given a copy of the Chairs Handbook and offered the opportunity to join an NGA Leading Governance course, and be introduced to an experienced chair to act as a mentor for 12 months.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Inspiring Governance Future Chairs team:

Judith Hicks – Head of Inspiring Governance at NGA – 0121 237 3780

Simon Richards – Chairs’ Development Manager at NGA – 0121 237 3780 – simon.richards@nga.org.uk