Academy Trust Boards

Academy trusts, and particularly large, changing or developing multi-academy trusts (MATs), need strong corporate governance. The strongest MATs have brought in new independent board members with corporate and business experience, but many trusts struggle to find the high-calibre trustees they need.

Inspiring Governance is working with Academy Ambassadors at the New Schools Network to help fill challenging posts within academy trusts. Academy Ambassadors provides a free, bespoke service matching business people and professionals with multi-academy trusts looking to strengthen their boards.  The service is specifically targeted at starter, fast-growing, large, turnaround, strategically important and Diocesan trusts and MATs that are restructuring their governance.

What type of people can Academy Ambassadors bring?

Individuals are recruited from a wide range of industries. The sort of skills they bring include the ability to provide:

  • strategic advice on how the trust is run overall, including agreeing strategies for business growth or consolidation
  • specific expertise in turning round performance at organisations with financial or performance problems
  • challenge the chief executive, financial director and others to ensure that education standards in schools rise quickly and that academy groups are efficiently run, delivering maximum value for money.

They typically dedicate 8-10 hours per month. Some may become trust chair, chair of finance or other trustee without portfolio.

How do I find out more?

Read more at the Academy Ambassadors’ website or contact on or 020 7952 8556. They will determine if your trust is eligible for the service. The Academy Ambassadors Team will gather information on your trust to help find the right person. They may be able to provide some suggested contacts straightaway or launch recruitment to meet the brief. After an introductory phone call, you meet the individual at the trust and decide if the match could work. The trust conducts its own interview/vetting process and formal appointments are usually made at the next board meeting.

After appointment your trust joins the Academy Ambassadors alumni and is invited to meet other Academy Ambassadors at events.