Meera Shah: video diary of a young governor

From acquiring new skills, using your own expertise and experience and the feeling of giving back to your local community, there are so many benefits to volunteering as a school governor.

Meera Shah is a project manager at tech start up STINT and volunteers as a governor at a school in East London. Hear Meera talk about her belief that education is the key to helping change lives for the better, and building confidence and independence, especially in girls and in people of colour and how she got involved in volunteering as a governor:

Young people from diverse backgrounds bring so much to governing boards, not least a fresh perspective and a voice that may not otherwise be reflected. You can be a role model for children and young people – seeing people like them in roles across the school, including on governing boards, will give them confidence in what they can achieve and raise their aspirations.

Want to join Meera and find out more about the role? We’d love to have you on board!

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