Volunteer Blog – Laura Weatherill

Laura Weatherill, a civil servant and volunteer placed by Inspiring Governance writes about why she became a School Governor and what she hopes to achieve in the role.

”A friend recently said to me one of the best things he’s done is become a school governor – he’s helped shape a school’s strategy, seen the resulting impact for pupils, and he’s learnt lots of new things and met lots of new people. It was quite the unintentional sales pitch, filled with genuine enthusiasm! He helpfully directed me to the Inspiring Governance website, run by Education and Employers, in case I was interested. I thought I’d look it up and dip my toe in.

I’m glad I did. The website is really straight forward. You create an account, and add your profile. That’s it! Schools/colleges in your area then contact you depending on what they’re looking for and what you’ve set out in your profile. I had three schools/colleges contact me within a few short weeks asking if I was interested in becoming a governor with them. After a few informal conversations I progressed my application with one that struck a cord with me based on their vision for ‘widening participation’. I’m delighted to say that after an interview I’m due to start as a Governor at West Thames College in London in May.

The entire process has been straight forward because the Inspiring Governance website is so easy to use and because Education and Employers give you one-to-one support throughout the process. But the key for me is the system they’ve set up ensures you’re matched with a school/college you’ll be invested in from the outset. By setting out in your profile a little about you, why you’d like to become a governor and what’s important to you, you’re matched with a school you’re invested in. I’m looking forward to getting started…”